Gosport St Mark's  Gosport's St Mark's

The Friends of St Marks was formed in 2003 to try to re-establish a derelict cemetery in Gosport, Hampshire. Little was known at that time about those who found a resting place there.  It gradually became apparent that there were many interesting stories to be told and this booklet is an introduction to those stories.
 A Cartwheeling Chestie Nut A Cartwheeling Chestie Nut

Chestie Nut, a little red squirrel, lives happily with other red squirrels and animals in the woods. Through his adventures he learns about life.But one day, Grey Gory’s squirrels take over his land. Chestie Nut sets off to the Green Island to save the red squirrels. A Golden Nut from the Solar Alien leads him.
 Within the Glade Within the Glade

Mind Organiser Ken Manning's Mind Organiser Books

Two books to help:
Resolve problematic situations
Improve relationships
Increase wealth
Become successful
Develop your capabilities
Improve personal satisfaction
Find happiness

This remarkable psychological thinking and planning tool reveals strategies that can take your life to another level. 
Earth Angel Earth Angel

‘Over here we call mediums Earth Angels! You are our little Earth Angel,’ the spirit gentleman whispered to Anne.  Since her early childhood unusual events surrounded Anne, which continued throughout her adult life. After praying to know when her dying father would pass over, so she could be there for him, she was overwhelmed to receive a powerful vision. This vision confirmed to her the reality of an afterlife.  Her journey had begun … 
 Not out first ball Not Out First Ball

"To field idly at long off in the evening sunshine is to peep back over the wall to when things moved slower, cost less and didn’t always need to signify something. At a time of digital abundance, the whole glorious point of cricket is that so much of it is utterly pointless.”

Not everyone can be a true sporting hero. Most of us lost out in life’s sporting lottery, and we have to find whatever virtue we can in effort and incompetence. Not Out First Ball is a laugh-out-loud manifesto for anyone who has ever silently sobbed at the sight of their off stump cartwheeling off into the distance, or thrown their bat in disgust onto an autumn bonfire. It is also a love letter to cricket, as seen through the story of an accidental club that has lasted 25 years and 263 matches longer than it ever meant to. 
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